Call center solutions.

  • It is 6-7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than retain an existing one. 2/3 of customers leave a vendor because of inadequate customer care. As a customer’s relationship with the company lengthens, profits rise. Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers.

….customer care is, therefore, the most important driver for profitability in a retail environment. 

Good customer care means the following:

  • Not having to wait: A study by Merchants Limited 2000 shows that 80% of all callers hang up on a Call center if they are not answered within 60 seconds. A Contact Center will help you reduce waiting time by virtually pooling resources and capitalizing on the Erlang effect.
  • Being served whenever you want: A Contact Center will help you increase service hours by virtually pooling resources. So in order to serve all your clients at 10PM, you will only need two or three agents instead of one agent in each branch office.
  • Talk to the right person, who is competent, knows me and speaks my language. A Contact center will help you in this by identifying the customer based on his phone number, retrieving more customer information from your Customer Database or CRM and select the right agent using Skills based Routing.
  • Having consistently good service. A Contact Center will help you to impose the same process and service level across your entire organization and will help you to monitor the performance of individual branches using reports, statistics, voice/ screen recordings and other monitoring tools.


  • Pureflex Systems provides professional services in the following technologies around Unified Contact Center EnterpriseUCCE, PCCE (for over 1000 agents) and Unified Contact Center Express (CCX) for up to 1000 agents:
  • Voice Portals: Customer Voice Portal (CVP) for larger, distributed deployments and  IP-IVRfor smaller deployments, including speech technologies such as voice biometrics, speech recognition or text to speech
  • Email Interaction Manager (EIM) for (P)CCE, and Finesse Agent Email for CCX
  • Outbound Option- outbound dialer
  • Unified Web Interaction Managerfor Webchat and Co-browsing
  • Video Collaboration and Virtual Experts using Remote Expert
  • Unified Mobile Agent
  • Phone bankingand Voice Self Service Applications based on VXML
  • Contact Center Reporting
  • Workforce Management
  • Voice recording/ Quality Management/ Screen recording


Pureflex Systems provides a wide range of support services to different types of organizations such as Banks, Telecom and Government sector not only in Uganda but also across the region We apply our comprehensive network management expertise and follow proven SOPs to monitor, identify and resolve issues timely, thus ensuring smooth operation.

Our technical team consists of Call center certified professionals with excellent technical skills and hands-on experience in Contact center technology.

Pureflex Systems offers the following services:

  •     Corrective Maintenance which includes (HW spares and replacement)
  •     Preventive Maintenance
  •    Periodic performance reviews
  •     System audits for system upgrade or capacity enhancement
  •     MACD (Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletions) and operations support
  •     Scheduled upgrades (optional)

At Pureflex systems, we maintain a highly skilled service team and a professional back office team which will provide complete transparency on the support services provided. The team provides among other tasks:

  •     Create new tickets.
  •     Provide live updates on activities for a ticket by customer /support team.
  •     View details of all tickets against a particular login ID.
  •     View details of all tickets against a particular customer.
  •     Real-time search capabilities where a customer can also create search templates.

Our Expertise


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We give our clients the tools they need to get more from that innovation – whether they’re developing a ground-breaking product, service or strategy, investing in technology, or moving to a brand new business model.

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