Data is at the core of our business. Every day we are in the field collecting critical infrastructure condition data for our clients. We strive to ensure consistency, accessibility, and quality of this data, across technologies, sources, and formats.
Our data management solutions are hinged on data centralization. Consolidating all data streams under one umbrella allows us to develop a comprehensive centralized database of georeferenced actionable infrastructure information across all tools and technologies. We want to continue providing owners of critical infrastructure with solutions that deliver actionable results and meet their specific challenges.
• Geographic and asset management level data for pipeline inventories.
• Manage large pipeline data sets with stick-by-stick level attribute data
• We maintain and manage data for thousands of miles of pipeline inventories
Providing safe and reliable access to clean water is a key challenge for utilities around the world; as infrastructure ages and populations continue to grow, this challenge becomes more difficult to manage effectively. However, innovative asset management strategies can provide utilities with information on their buried assets. Knowing what assets they have and when they will need rehabilitation is crucial for planning and fiscally responsible decision making. In order to help utilities manage all aspects of their complex water and wastewater systems, Pureflex Systems offers the solution, which allows utilities to manage their infrastructure data more effectively.
 Integrated Utility Data
Our solutions streamline information from existing utility databases such as billing systems, hydraulic models, workload programs and maintenance management systems into one platform to improve efficiency. The system can also merge pipeline condition assessment and monitoring data into the platform to provide operators with valuable information on asset condition.

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