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Your organization’s security policy is unarguably one of the most important documents that need to be adhered to. In case of non-compliance, state regulations can intervene and severe consequences may follow. To avoid any such circumstances, you need a strong and well-built network that can withstand any cyber-attacks from within the organization as well as from the outside.
The need for data protection has never been greater. With great technological advancements, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can try and hack into your network and access sensitive data. To ensure you are always complying with all relevant data protection regulations, the security of your network is an absolute must.

The network administrator plays the key role in providing access to any device in a network. If you do not have the proper tools, unauthorized access may be gained from a remote location and sensitive data may get modified, misused or even deleted.
Thanks to our collaborative partners, we are able to offer assistance with stealth firewalls, packet filtering firewalls, proxy firewalls along with many other intelligent software solutions to provide businesses just the right amount of security to make their network system immune to any potential threats.

Your security policy is not just any piece of paper. It defines how you will keep up to your commitment of protecting sensitive customer data from any unauthorized access. Pureflex Systems will take on all the challenges of your networking system and provide smart hardware and software solutions to provide it complete protection from the tip to the end.
Our experts have years of experience in installing, maintaining and overlooking firewalls, antiviruses and other network security programs that can mitigate all threats and provide you a secure network to communicate in.
We also specialize in remotely managing your network’s security. To know more about our remotely managed services, please contact

Good network monitoring software continues to send status messages and traffic to efficiently keep track of any outages on the network. Network monitoring watches hardware such as router or network servers for responses. Depending on the software, it can send response requests every minute up to every hour. It can also detect outages in certain software such as web server or email applications. The software can send an HTTP request to monitor a web server, or it can send an SMTP message to an email server. If there is no reply from the respective software or server, the network monitoring software interprets it as an outage and promptly alerts a network administrator.
The importance of up time for a network has increased with the reliance on technology and work computers. Even a small business can lose thousands of revenue dollars by the hour as their network stays down. This increase of lost revenue gives value to a good network monitoring software. Even after hours, network monitoring software can make sure your network administrator staff is quickly alerted so that solutions can be expedited to lower lost revenue during unexpected down time.
Network monitoring can also give vital statistics to businesses to evaluate down time. The statistics can help network administrators analyze issues on the network to better prepare for future outages. Other statistics can give a percentage of up time versus down time to evaluate profit and loss for businesses that rely heavily on network availability.

The economic and technical pressures on enterprises have never been greater. Doing more with less is now business as usual and this mindset extends to the enterprise network. Organizations are expected to support richer services, more traffic and more types of traffic with decreasing budgets for equipment and personnel. Network devices must provide improved performance with ease of management to enable enterprise IT departments to keep up with the demand.
This poses tough questions for system integrators, manufacturers and enterprises. Can the device or network:
• Support a high quality of experience for sensitive applications such as voice or video?
• Achieve the forwarding rates required by low-latency applications while maintaining throughput?
• Deliver lossless performance under congested conditions?
• Enforce effective security measures while maintaining throughput and latency thresholds?
• Failover properly in the case of a disaster or outage?
For those responsible for creating and delivering the increasingly complex networks in the enterprises of today and tomorrow, the challenges have never been greater. Validating the performance and reliability of the component protocols and functions discretely is no longer a valid predictor of behavior. Understanding the challenges of today’s environment we at Pureflex Systems excel in providing state of art solutions for our clients.

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