Municipal water and wastewater service providers can achieve major capital savings by managing their critical pipeline assets. Using a variety of solutions, it is often possible to renew critical pipelines and defer the cost of replacement.
   • Assess & Address
In order to help utilities manage their aging assets, Pureflex systems has developed the Assess and Address approach to maximize capital budgets and extend the useful life of pipelines. The approach focuses on assessing pipelines to identify specific problem areas that need renewal. An increase in the number of pipe failures and water loss has led to the idea that water and wastewater assets – the majority of which are buried pipelines – need to be replaced entirely. With existing capital budgets, it isn’t possible for utilities to replace their entire asset inventory while maintaining the same level of service, leaving a massive funding gap between what is necessary to replace assets and what utilities can afford on capital improvement programs.
  • Engineering Services
Many wastewater utilities are faced with the difficult task of assessing their sewer force mains, Pureflex systems provide reliable pipeline inspection and assessment of force and gravity mains within operational constraints of most wastewater utilities.

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